What can happen to the body when you don’t shower for exactly two days?

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What can happen to the body when you don’t shower for exactly two days?

Do you want to take a shower? Don’t shower?

This is a problem for many people, especially boys . It’s a problem we often struggle with during the cold winter months. Some have to break the water every day. Some say they don’t shower every day . When you don’t know who to listen to and trust, do what you want. If you’re thinking about living like you want, I want you to read this article.

When you haven’t showered in exactly two days

1. Your body will become the headquarters of all kinds of microbes.
I think we all know that all kinds of bacteria live on the human skin all the time, multiplying by the hour. If you don’t know, rub a sweaty part of your body with your hand and breathe in close to your nose. If you can already smell a downy sheep, it’s for sure. Bacteria are hiding in the pores and multiplying.

So, when you leave your body without showering for two days, the infection wants to live there. I touched, Wherever you lie down, the infection will remain. The infection will spread to others through the air.

2. The percentage to get sick has increased.

What many people don’t know is that the human skin is the outermost part of the immune system that fights disease . In other words, to enter the body, the pathogen has to cross the outer skin first. Normally, the skin can keep the bad bacteria that remain on the skin, but when there are too many of them, it can no longer be controlled and starts to enter the body. In this case, the internal immune system can no longer resist the infection, so there is a greater chance of getting sick.

3. Skin problems may occur.

When you don’t shower for a Fri time, your skin will become oily and salty. Oil is the oil that is produced naturally from the pores, and salty is the taste that comes from the mixture of sweat and dirt on the skin . If it has become like this, it is easier to damage the skin and fungi, Bacteria and viruses can enter the bloodstream through the damaged crack and cause skin diseases. Common problems include dry moles , Cracks in skin Fungal infections of the skin Cloves _ skin discoloration; Including acne breakouts.

4. Bad smell will come out.

I want to tell you something that people don’t know much about. In fact, the smell of sweat that people talk about is not the smell of sweat, but the smell caused by the growth of bacteria on the skin. So, when you don’t shower for exactly two days, hundreds of thousands of bacteria are already all over your body, so I don’t think there’s any need to talk about the bad smell.

5. The skin will become dull.

Normally, natural oils are released from the skin regularly and keep the skin smooth. But these oils become filled with bacteria over time and can no longer maintain smoothness. So, not bathing makes the body sticky, but it’s the same as giving way to more dry skin.

So, do you want to take a shower? If I have to answer the question of whether or not to take a bath, it is best to take a bath every day, but you can go without taking a bath for a day. 48 hours Do not take a shower for more than 2 days. The skin is an important part not only for beauty but also for the health of the body.

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