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Have you ever spent time behind bars?

The vast majority are fortunate not to have to deal with the experience of losing their freedom, but let’s pretend you’re in prison right now.

How do you feel about your life and yourself? What about your future? As an ex-convict, what can you anticipate?

Those thoughts can, for good reason, elicit some uncomfortable feelings even within the safe confines of your imagination. To emerge from a situation like that as a more resilient, improved individual who is determined to get their life back on track requires someone with a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Everybody has heard of the “rags to riches” story. The best part about this one is that it is based on true events that are taking place as you read it—from rags to riches to riches again.

Mark, an Englishman, is the subject of our narrative. He used to have a very high standard of living because he was a very successful online affiliate marketer. He made about two million dollars a year at a time when the internet was still in its infancy.

Mark’s life was going well until he took a risk and went after the very people who were giving him affiliate commissions. He started his own business to compete with them, but he was sued and lost.

Mark was understandably feeling a little depressed about his situation because he was now burdened with high legal fees, a loyal but costly staff, and no income.

Mark made the decision to pursue an illegal alternative source of income in order to keep his head above water in desperate times.

The law, sadly for Mark and his staff, caught up with him, and he was given a four-year prison sentence, of which he served two.

Mark estimated that his total debts were somewhere in the neighborhood of $45,000.00, some of which had been raised by his parents against their house, despite the fact that he had come out of jail bankrupt and owed a significant amount of money to his caring friends and family. Imagine being accountable for your parents’ homelessness!

This may have been a turning point for many, but Mark made the unlikely decision to set himself a goal of not only repaying his substantial debts to his family and friends but also becoming a millionaire once more. Millionaire Profit Secrets, his first major product in the field of internet marketing, may have been his first idea at this point.

Create Your Own Reality How many people have a million-dollar dream?

Do you?

How many of those individuals go on to fulfill their goals?

We all know the answer to that, but why do so many people fail, and what distinguishes successful individuals from unsuccessful ones?

Put Your Heart and Soul into It This is the best place to examine Mark’s mental fortitude while he was incarcerated and emerged motivated to reestablish himself as a law-abiding and wealth-creating member of society.

A number of the qualities required to succeed in any field, let alone the highly competitive world of Internet Marketing, can be summed up in the term “mindset.”

Mark stands out from people who spent the same years free to make fortunes online but didn’t because of these qualities. Mark was handicapped by having to catch up on two years of technological advancement after being released.

Having the discipline to work at your online business rather than simply calling all of that time spent messing around on YouTube and Facebook “work” is one of these qualities. Another is a strong work ethic.

Drive and Ambition: What motivates you to get up in the morning? Are you excited to get out of bed for your current project? Do you long for more time in the day? Or are you just doing what you always do?

‘Bouncebackability’ – alright, that is a made up word (I’m not professing to have designed it – see Tim Lovejoy on Wikipedia). Resilience, the ability to bounce back from setbacks, dust yourself off, and move forward with renewed determination, is another name for this quality.

Passion If you don’t have passion for your business, it won’t be anything more than work and won’t push you to greatness.

Sacrifice: What are you prepared to give up in order to accomplish your goals? Should I stop watching TV? Reduce your leisure activities? A good indicator of your likelihood of success is the extent to which you are willing to put hobbies on hold in order to achieve success.

Persistence Many people find it simple to generate sufficient enthusiasm for a project, only to see that enthusiasm wane days or weeks later. A great deal of dedication is required for any endeavor that is worthwhile. Is that something that you have?

Mark had accomplished two of his five objectives in the four months that had passed since his release from prison. Mark’s journey from “Despair to Internet Millionaire” will continue as the story progresses, and it will be an exciting ride.