How to Use the Internet to Have Fun.

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How to Use the Internet to Have Fun.

One of the most difficult questions to answer, without a doubt: How can I spend my time online?’

Okay, this shouldn’t be too hard to answer for the majority of people because there are literally countless options. Let’s look at what you can do based on your mood.

Do You Want to Learn?

You can try article directories or websites like Wikipedia. These websites are like literal treasure troves of information on nearly every topic there is! Find a few pages and articles, take a minute, and learn something new to expand your mind.

Do you feel social?

It’s human nature to want to connect with other people from time to time, and the Internet is quickly becoming the easiest and most common means of doing so. Just look at how many people use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. No matter how you like to interact with other people, there is a site on the Internet for you.

Like a puzzle?

There are a zillion websites dedicated to puzzles and games on the Internet, in addition to the countless applications and games available on Facebook. There are options available through games like Farmville, Bejewelled to Chess, and online persistent worlds that are ready to whisk you away to a place far, far away, whether you’re looking for a five-minute fix or a game that can last days.

What is happening globally?

You can find the most recent news stories from around the world in all of the main categories, including politics, sports, crime, entertainment, and the sciences, on news sites like CNN and BBC News from the UK. News from all over the world, as well as from your own nation, can be found here.

Want to Read?

Try sites like Google eBooks or, which offer literally millions of free books on a wide range of subjects (you wouldn’t really be able to have millions of books on only a few subjects now, would you?) in electronic format.

Face facts: Regardless of how you spend your time off the Internet, if you don’t engage in actual physical activities like sports, driving, or vacationing, you can probably do the same thing online. The social aspect of the Internet gradually becomes more “real” as voice and video chats are added.

This article didn’t even talk about how I use the Internet to pass the time these days, which is how I’m growing my business, which would require many more articles to cover!

John Robertson has a habit of wasting time online, initially aimlessly and for years, but more recently with the specific objectives of expanding his Internet marketing business and improving himself.

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