How to take emergency care when bitten by a street dog?

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How to take emergency care when bitten by a street dog?

Unlike domestic dogs , street dogs tend to be more aggressive towards people. Especially when it’s dark, When dogs go out in the middle of the night , they often fight as if they are trespassing on their territory.

The situation of street dogs

There are too many stray dogs that have not been vaccinated against rabies . Breeding rates are higher when they are fed more often by compassionate people rather than by systematic breeding. Pity is good in some places, but not everywhere.

The more stray dogs, The problem of rabies is not small. It is more difficult for children. When the children were sent outside without their parents, the children started going to the street dogs. Then , when bitten, the child’s life ends there, if they don’t get the rabies vaccine.

Emergency treatment for street dog bites

child or When an adult is bitten by a street dog, you can’t be completely negligent. You need to tell a guardian or a family member and go to the clinic immediately. Rabies is transmitted through the bloodstream when a dog bites or scratches a rabies virus. For this reason, it is necessary to receive treatment if it is not only bitten but also scratched.

1. First, the bitten area must be washed with water to clean it. If a dog has been bitten by the rabies virus, there may be pus left around the bite site. For this, the wound must be washed with cold water.

2. Once done , lather the soap thoroughly and gently rub around the bite wound. Wash again with water to remove the soap.

3. Do not touch the wound with unclean hands at all.

4. Since the biting dog is a street dog , it has been vaccinated against rabies. It is not known exactly whether or not it was injected. For this, it is necessary to visit the hospital. It is best if you can go to the clinic early within 24 hours of being bitten.

5. When he went to the hospital, he said that the dog that bit him was a pet dog or a street dog. They will ask if they have been vaccinated against rabies and then look at the condition of the wound. If the wound is not too big, only ointment will be given, but if it is too big and deep, the wound needs to be sutured.

6. The rabies vaccine needs to be injected at the specified frequency. Usually 4 doses of rabies vaccine are given. Once on the first clinic day. For the remaining 3 times, it is important to visit the doctor’s appointment without fail.

How do you keep the wound clean?

Dog bite wounds can take weeks to months to heal. If you have diabetes, it may take longer because the wound heals slowly. Keep the wound completely dry and clean until the dog bite is healed. Do not touch the wound unnecessarily. Be sure to apply the antibiotic ointment prescribed by the doctor after every shower . It is mandatory to go to the clinic for the rabies vaccination appointment.

How can you avoid being bitten by a street dog?
Usually, street dogs rarely bite during the daytime when most people are walking. Bites are more common at midnight when the night is very dark. Therefore, avoid going out at night. Especially if there are street dogs in the area you are going to, don’t go. If you must go, go by private car or taxi.

If you can’t raise a street dog by yourself, don’t feed it without discipline. Irresponsible feeding is the same as causing suffering to all the people living around you. I love dogs, If you can’t breed yourself, animal breeding centers that can really take care of you. Call the organizations. Donate as much as you can You can help by donating food.

Finally, people who live on streets with street dogs should not let their children out without an adult. If you go out, always keep an eye on your child. A child likes to explore and play, so the dog can get angry and get bitten. If you are bitten, do not treat it at home. There is no cure for rabies. It is a disease that can kill you in a short period of time. Don’t take it easy.

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